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At Dural Pet Superstore we have all your fish and aquarium needs. We have trained specialists who can answer any of your questions with the right and most professional advise. We have helpful hints on our fish page to help you find the answers you may need along with some points in keeping a healthy fish tank. If you cannot find the answers you are after, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.

Come in and see our large range of fresh water fish along with a wide variety of tank plants and accessories. Our specialists can help you with any of your fish needs.

Some helpful hints in keeping your tank healthy.


Lighting is an important component to aquarium keeping. Make sure the lights you want are going to fit your aquarium. Make sure your fluro globes are changed annually and halogen globes changed every 1 1/2 to 3 years depending on use and manufactures specifications. Most importantly make sure the lighting you chose suits the type of inhabitants you wish to keep.


Filters for marine tanks and fresh water tanks vary. Marine tanks need more oxygen as the ocean is more stable and has more natural; mixing and less fish population than rivers. Remember the money you spend on a filter saves time and cleaning.


Make sure your fish get a great variety of food for great health!


There is nothing worse than having sick fish and not knowing what to do.
The first thing is to check your water quality. See chemical section on correct water quality and confirm that your water is in good condition before deciding on a medication. We need to know size of tank, age, type of fish, last water change and other relevant information. Once you have confirmed what infection you have decide on a medication, you may ave a number of choices. You will receive a care sheet with all medication on its best use. Remember to check if you have enough of the medication for a full dose when purchasing.

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