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We stock one of the largest ranges of products available for birds, including cages, cage stands, medicines, and all your seed and feed needs not to mention an endless amount of accessories and toys for your birds.

We stock a wide range of finches, as well as young and adult budgies. We also sell quails, cockatiels, canaries, peach face lovebirds and more. Please contact us on 9651 6666 for any bird enquiries as our range changes from time to time depending on the time of the year.

We sell a range of small packet seed, 5kg as well as the following:

Bulk Seed

  • Finch Mix 20kg
  • Canary Mix 20kg
  • Small Parrot Mix 20kg
  • Peach Face Mix 20kg
  • Parrot Fruit N Nut Mix 20kg
  • Cocky Mix 20kg
  • Wildbird Mix 20kg
  • Pigeon Mix 20kg
  • Grey Sunflower 25kg

Today more than 65 percent of homes have a pet bird in them. Before you buy a bird you should be sure to spend time researching the different varieties to find the type of bird best suited to your particular lifestyle. Some birds can live to a hundred years old and this it definitely a lifetime investment. You do not want to be unhappy with your choice of bird.

A little info:

Having birds as pets has a long history dating back many thousands of years. It is believed that the Chinese were the first to have very colourful varieties of birds as pets. You can find birds depicted in the art, tapestries, porcelain and paintings of the ancient Chinese.

Health Examinations For Your Bird

Pet owners are accustomed to taking their family dog or cat to the veterinarian for an annual check-up. It is even more important for pet birds to have regular examinations, because birds tend to hide symptoms of disease much more effectively than do other pets. A perfectly “normal looking” bird may actually be developing some health problem that may not be evident until the disease precess is well established.

New Bird Examination

An examination of a newly purchased bird within the first three days after purchase is recommended in order to protect the investment of the owner, to uncover and prevent possible disease conditions, and to educate the owner about appropriate bird care.

Even if the new bird checks out “normal”, it is valuable to have results of diagnostic tests in the initial record of the patient to provide references for subsequent examinations.

All 12kg - 20kg bags of Advance, Hills Science, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, BlackHawk have been discounted by $20.00 off RRP